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Microservices 101: Exploiting Reality's Constraints with Technology


Typesafe Deputy CTO Viktor Klang goes into the world of microservices to see how these architectures emerge from the constraints of reality. Viktor reviews the problems imposed by reality, and shows how they can not only be solved, but how the constraints free us from misconceptions that are otherwise very easy to acquire. We also explore how distributed systems are at the heart of microservices-based architectures and how communication shapes the structure, behavior and development of the software. Some of the topics discussed:

  • Klang’s Conjecture: "If you cannot solve a problem without programming; you cannot solve a problem with programming." 
  • Reality vs Imaginary;
  • Systems, Connectedness and Conway’s Law;
  • Communication and Reliability;
  • Encoding and Medium;
  • The Universal Scalability Law and perfect, imperfect, bounded and regressive throughput;
  • Discovery, Latency and Expectation Management;
  • Burstiness, Little’s Law and Flow Control/Back pressure; 
  • Reactive Steams and Push vs Pull vs Both approaches;
  • Collaboration & Reponsibility;
  • Resilience and Supervision in the Zombie Apocalypse;
  • How to "harden up” and transition to async, dealing with failure, elasticity, etc.

Watch the complete 60-min video



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We've recently announced two different webinar series dedicated to helping architects, developers, Ops and even executives better grasp the technologies, protocols and methodologies that are driving the move towards Going Reactive: Reactive Revealed, and Reactive for DevOps.

Reactive Revealed - 3-part series for Architects and Developers

From Jonas Bonér, Viktor Klang and Konrad Malawski, co-authors of the Reactive Manifesto and contributors to the Reactive Streams initiative, we have set out to produce a three-part “Reactive Revealed” series to give an interactive opportunity for enterprise architects and software developers (we even have some goodness for Operations and Executives too) to get started with understanding Reactive from the beginning, providing an overview of the technological foundation behind it all. 

Register here:  Jul 30 - Part 1  |  Aug 19 - Part 2  |  Sep 3 - Part 3


Reactive for DevOps - 4-part series for Operations & DevOps

From Ed Callahan, Lutz Huehnken, Kevin Webber and Markus Jura, this four-part series for Operations and DevOps-oriented engineers provides a deeper look at the ways of managing distributed, Reactive applications built with Play, Akka and Java or Scala, using technologies like Amazon EC2, Ansible, Docker, Mesos and managed by Typesafe ConductR. You can watch the replay of Part 1, and register for Parts 2 & 3 below. 

Register here:  Aug 4 - Part 2  |  Aug 27 - Part 3  |  Sep 15 - Part 4 (coming soon)


Remember, if you have any questions about the webinar series or would like to contact someone at Typesafe regarding subscriptions, training or consulting, feel free to write to me directly at oliver(@)typesafe.com, or raise your hand to be contacted here:




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