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Modernize Enterprise Systems without Starting from Scratch

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Estimates vary but the message is clear: cloud spending worldwide is soaring, and much of the demand is coming from companies looking to migrate existing systems. Transforming a monolithic legacy application into a cloud native system is no small feat, but with this in-depth report, your organization will learn ways to migrate classical Java applications to newly provisioned cloud infrastructure without requiring a significant rewrite.

Authors Kevin Webber and Jason Goodwin cover proven steps and techniques that enable your company to take advantage of cloud infrastructure’s power and flexibility. You’ll explore three pillars of successful cloud adoption—infrastructure refresh, application modernization and migration, and security modernization—and learn how to treat the cloud as an unlimited pool of resources that brings both scale and resilience to your system.

This report covers:

  • Cloud native requirements: critical traits applications must possess before they’re deployed to cloud infrastructure
  • Modernizing heritage applications: proven techniques and tools for refactoring existing legacy Java applications to real-time, event-driven, cloud-native systems
  • Getting cloud-native deployments right: best practices for deploying enterprise services to public, private, and hybrid clouds, and for meeting common organizational challenges along the way
  • Cloud security: methods for shoring up the least-secure channels in enterprise systems—from social engineering to known vulnerabilities—before deployment to cloud infrastructure

About the authors

Kevin Webber
Kevin Webber has over 18 years of Java development and architecture experience. Before starting the boutique consulting firm RedElastic in 2016, he was Developer Advocate and Enterprise Architect at Lightbend. He was a popular presenter of Lightbend webinars and is a regular speaker on modern enterprise architecture practices.

Jason Goodwin
Jason Goodwin has deep systems-level experience with Scala and Akka through his time at Google and mDialog, where he built video streaming systems using Akka along with the techniques described in this paper, and at Rogers Communications, where he leveraged Akka to modernize their online commerce channels. He is the author of Learning Akka (Packt Publishing).

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