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White Paper: The Benefits Of Using Akka With Kubernetes

Jonas Bonér Describes How To Use Akka And Kubernetes Together For The Win


The use of containers and container orchestration technologies—in particular, Docker and Kubernetes—have become good friends of enterprises that need tools for deploying and managing distributed systems at scale. While Kubernetes is great for managing stateless services, developing and operating stateful data-driven services on Kubernetes is challenging. End-to-end correctness requires that the infrastructure and application work together in maintaining data consistency and correctness guarantees.

This is where Akka comes in. As an open source programming model and fabric for the cloud, Akka can do the heavy lifting of managing distributed state and communication, maintaining application consistency and delivery guarantees. To put it differently, Akka lets you run stateful services on Kubernetes as if they are stateless...

Download "How To Build Stateful, Cloud-Native Services With Akka And Kubernetes", the new white paper by Lightbend CTO and Co-Founder, Jonas Bonér:



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