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play-framework webinar

Play All Day Webinar Series

Reactive Design Patterns CoverJoin us for Play Day, our first ever virtual conference on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014. We’re hosting a full day of webinars all about the Play Framework! Speakers from the Typesafe Play team, Huffington Post, Angie’s List, Gilt and more will share their experiences with Play. Sessions range from how-to’s and roadmaps to lessons learned and best practices.

Register for the sessions that are best for you. All presentations will be recorded and made available shortly after the conference.


9:00 am - 9:45am PST: Making The Case For Play 
Presenter: Adam Evans, Technical Lead for BBC Children's Future Media

Abstract : In 2013 the BBC made an epic decision to rewrite their popular CBBC and CBeebies children's web sites in the Play 2 framework on Amazon Web Services. The Play Framework has radically simplified the toolset and architecture, freeing the development teams to deliver innovative new features. Getting management buy in, and delivering on our promises, has been a difficult but ultimately successful challenge.

Bio: Technical lead for BBC Children's Future Media. Professional developer for 7 years working on a variety of sites from small 2-3 page brochure sites to large cms high traffic sites, to backend reporting / claims management systems for the insurance industry. Extensive experience in PHP, Java and Groovy and more recently Scala.

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10:00am - 10:45am PST:  One Year of Play-in 
Presenter: Roger Deetz, Software Architect at Angie’s List

Abstract: Lessons learned, challenges faced, and the fun we've had transitioning our legacy architecture to Scala and the Play Framework.

Bio: I am a software architect with Angie's List. I have 15 years of experience, starting with desktop installation tools, on to high-availability/disaster-recovery products, and now large-scale commercial web applications. My team has been leading the transition from a legacy C# codebase to a Scala/Play stack.

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11:00am - 11:45am PST:   Enterprise Web Development with Play and Scala 
Presenter: Kevin Webber, Software Developer

Abstract : In this session you will learn architecture strategies to help develop Play and Scala applications on large enterprise projects.The talk will cover strategies to help integrate Play with complex ecosystems and other enterprise development challenges. The secondary objective is to assist designing Play applications that are developed by multiple, distributed, cross-functional teams.

Bio : Kevin Webber is an enterprise software developer, team lead, and consultant with over fourteen years of Java development experience in banking and e-commerce. His latest role was Team Lead at Nurun Toronto where he was the Lead Play Developer of the re-design project.

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12:00Noon - 1:00pm PST: Lunch Break

1:00pm - 1:45pm PST: Playing with Akka 
Presenter: Henry David Nissenbaum , Director of Engineering at Huffington Post

Abstract : In 2013, The Huffington Post made a major decision as part of their new platform architecture to invest heavily in the Typesafe stack, specifically, Play and Akka. In this talk you will learn about how the Huffington Post leverages Akka inside of Play to build highly concurrent, low latency and fault tolerant applications to deal with process workflow and asynchronous integrations to various backend data sources such as MySQL using Slick and Search engines such as Elastic Search.

Bio : Henry Nissenbaum is currently the Director of Engineering at the Huffington Post where he oversees various platforms such as Advertising and Revenue generation platforms, Real-Time notification platforms and Front End rendering platforms.

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2:00pm - 2:45pm PST:  Lessons Learned From Implementing Play Across Lots of Small Applications and Microservice 
Presenter: Giancarlo Silvestrin, Senior Software Engineer at Gilt Groupe

Abstract: This session will focus on Gilt's implementation of Play Framework across its architecture--starting with Gilt Live, a real-time page showcasing purchases made in real-time, and eventually branching out to many critical parts of the company's tech organization (from search to inventory status updates). Play has offered Gilt numerous advantages in terms of accessibility, scalability and performance. You'll hear more about lessons learned and the many advantages Play has offered to Gilt, a rapidly-moving eCommerce company with more than eight million users.

Bio: Giancarlo Silvestrin is a senior software engineer on Gilt's personalization team, and works on back-end, server-side initiatives that involve heavy use of Scala and Play. Originally a Java developer, he appreciates Scala's elegance and Play Framework's straightforward and accessible approach to building web applications. His main interests are distributed systems, Scala and Akka.

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3:00pm - 4:00pm PST:  Afternoon Break

4:00pm - 4:45pm PST:  About sbt-web and the Anatomy of a Plugin 
Presenter: Christopher Hunt, Senior Engineer at Typesafe

Abstract : This will be a talk similar to the one I provided at ping-conf in January, but updated given that 1.0.0 should have been released by the time the talk happens. sbt-web is a re-factor and enhancement the client side support in Play. Our rationale for sbt-web will be discussed along with an overview of the plugins available today. The anatomy of the various types of plugins will be discussed along with the new Play functionality that has been enabled by sbt-web. New functionality includes native JS compilation performance, support for JS source maps, asset fingerprinting, asset compression and more. In summary we believe that you should not have to jump outside of sbt in order to build your client side components.

Bio : Christopher Hunt is a Senior Engineer at Typesafe working on Play and sbt-web.

Register for “About sbt-web and the Anatomy of a Plugin.”

5:00pm - 5:45pm PST: Reactive Streams and Play 3.0 
Presenter: James Roper, Lead Developer at Typesafe

Abstract: Reactive Streams has a lot to offer Play, providing an asynchronous streaming API that is easy to learn and easy to use from both Java and Scala. Play 3.0 will be embracing this new API as the base level IO API, but what implications will this have on Play's architecture? What will happen to iteratees? How much will this impact existing Play applications? This presentation will dive deep into Play's architecture, and show just how reactive streams will be applied to and improve Play

Bio: James has been developing web applications for 10 years, and in that time has developed a passion for making developers lives easier. He joined Typesafe in 2012, and currently works as the lead developer on Play Framework.

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See you virtually on June 3rd!

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