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Principles of Reactive Programming @Coursera

Exciting news! The second iteration of the "Principles of Reactive Programming" Coursera class led by Martin OderskyErik Meijer & Roland Kuhn, will start on April 13. Since the announcement a few weeks ago, we have seen more than 12,340 enrollments. In this course, Martin now covers Functional Reactive Programming (FRP), Erik has completely re-recorded his two weeks and Roland has redone the Akka Persistence part so that it covers the actual implementation.

Below is an excerpt of the course description:

This is a follow-on for the Coursera class “Principles of Functional Programming in Scala”, which so far had more than 100’000 inscriptions over two iterations of the course, with some of the highest completion rates of any massive open online course worldwide.

The aim of the second course is to teach the principles of reactive programming. Reactive programming is an emerging discipline which combines concurrency and event-based and asynchronous systems. It is essential for writing any kind of web-service or distributed system and is also at the core of many high-performance concurrent systems. Reactive programming can be seen as a natural extension of higher-order functional programming to concurrent systems that deal with distributed state by coordinating and orchestrating asynchronous data streams exchanged by actors.

In this course you will discover key elements for writing reactive programs in a composable way. You will find out how to apply these building blocks in the construction of message-driven systems that are scalable and resilient.

The course is hands on; most units introduce short programs that serve as illustrations of important concepts and invite you to play with them, modifying and improving them. The course is complemented by a series of assignments, which are also programming projects.

You can read more about the course and sign up for free here: https://www.coursera.org/course/reactive


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