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Early Bird Registration Open for Reactive Summit 2016

Pssst: our early-bird discount ends Aug 31

Do you have plans for October 4th and 5th? We'll be at Reactive Summit, eating BBQ at the Hyatt Regency in Austin, Texas, with Susan Potter, Fred Hebert, Helena Edelson, Peter Alvaro, and Jonas Bonér, talking about how to build, run and manage Reactive systems using microservices and fast data pipelines.

There are plenty of Reactive technologies out there, but these are only the building blocks for building Reactive systems; actually using these technologies to build a system does not necessarily make the system Reactive all the way through.

A Reactive system will have a fundamentally different architecture to the traditional monolith found in most enterprise systems. We’re going to start the morning of the 4th with advice for avoiding "microdisservices", and then hear talks about how to decompose your monolith, when to embrace streams, and how to use Kafka. Then on the 5th we’ll learn best practices for integrating with legacy systems and discuss strategies for schema upgrades in a continuous delivery environment. And the schedule has even more sessions waiting for you

Now is the perfect time to register, as our Early Bird discount ends August 31st. It’s going to be a great show, and I hope to see you there. To take advantage of this incredible discount, register today.



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