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Revitalizing Aging Architectures with Microservices

How Walmart Canada got 20% more conversions on Black Friday


When you need to react quickly to competitive threats, but your existing architecture is anything but nimble, what do you do?

This question in turn produces others that are likely burning in the minds of enterprise development teams: what the heck are we going to do with this aging architecture once it begins really affecting our business? Do we start over from scratch, hire a new team, look into consultants? What if none of these options are possible?

In this webinar by Enterprise Advocate Kevin Webber, we review his experience re-architecting Walmart Canada’s online business after two years in a row of system failures during the worst possible time for ecommerce giants: Black Friday.

You will hear how Walmart Canada revitalized its aging architecture with a microservices-based model based on technologies in Typesafe Reactive Platform and designed for speed and performance––that efficiently leveraged its existing JVM infrastructure––to achieve major e-commerce success in just 12 months:

  • Conversions up 20%

  • Mobile orders up 98%

  • No downtime during Black Friday or Boxing Day

Check out the slides above, or get some popcorn for the full recorded webinar below...

Watch the entire video (60 min)


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