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Running Kafka On Kubernetes With Strimzi For Real-Time Streaming Applications

Making Kafka On Kubernetes Easier With Strimzi

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Apache Kafka, the popular messaging backplane, is traditionally well suited to run on statically defined clusters, but running it on container orchestrated clusters like Kubernetes is becoming more common. The best way to run stateful services on Kubernetes that have complex operational needs (such as Kafka) is to use the Operator pattern. Meet Strimzi, the leading open source project to run Apache Kafka and ZooKeeper on Kubernetes.

In this talk by Sean Glover, Principal Engineer at Lightbend, we will review how the Strimzi Kafka Operator, a supported technology in Lightbend Platform, makes many operational tasks in Kafka easy, such as the initial deployment and updates of a Kafka and ZooKeeper cluster. We’ll look at:

  • Why using the Operator pattern is the best way to run stateful services with complex operational needs like Kafka.
  • How to manage Kafka resources such as brokers, ZooKeeper, topics, users, and mirror-maker configurations using Kubernetes Custom Resources.
  • How to use transient and persistent volume storage options, and make common operational tasks easier, such as rolling cluster updates and upgrades, scaling brokers, moving brokers, monitoring, and running multiple Kafka clusters on the same Kubernetes cluster.

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