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Scala Days Presentation Roundup

It’s hard to believe another Scala Days has come and gone. This year’s conference was truly awesome, the entire Typesafe team is still decompressing after meeting so many great people, listening to inspiring sessions, and spending time with our very distributed coworkers :)

Scala Days 2014 was testament to how far the language and community has grown in just a year- sessions were a balance of brilliant academic research and compelling enterprise war stories. The audience was a diverse crowd, over 800 attendees hailing from more than 37 countries, ranging from those just getting started with Scala, to some of the leading experts in our field. 

There was even a Scala 2.11 movie trailer (courtesy Jon Pretty and Miles Sabin...)


If you missed the conference, or were unable to attend all the sessions you were interested in, you're in luck. We’re working with the folks from Parleys to publish the recorded sessions as quickly as possible. Until those are ready we wanted to share the slides from the presentations while everything is fresh in our memory.

Again, we wanted to say a big thank you to all the sponsors, speakers and our partners at Trifork for making the event possible. 

Enjoy and stay tuned for the video recordings!

(a big thanks to Kevin Wright for compiling many of these here:


Monday June 16th

Keynote: Scala: The Simple Parts
Speaker: Martin Odersky @odersky

Tuesday June 17th

(9:00 am)

Keynote: Contravariance is the Dual of Covariance | Observable is the Dual of Iterable
Speaker: Erik Meijer @headinthebox


Track 1: Catalyst: A Functional Query Optimizer for Spark and Shark
Speaker: Michael Armbrust @michaelarmbrust

Track 2: Quote or be quoted
Speaker: Denys Shabalin - @den_sh
Slides | tutorial code

Track 3: Solving Data Analytics Problems with Delite
Speaker: Kevin Brown

Track 4: Pitching Scala: An Interactive Session on Creating Change in your Organization 
Speaker: Mike Kelland - @Mkelland


Track 1: Reactive Streams: And why you should care.
Speakers: Viktor Klang - @viktorklang and Dr. Roland Kuhn - @rolandkuhn
Slides (coming soon!)

Track 2: JScala - write your JavaScript in Scala
Speaker: Alexander Nemish - @atlanter

Track 3: Good to Great: IntelliJ IDEA and Scala
Speaker: Alexander Podkhalyuzin - @Safela
Slides (coming soon!)

Track 4: Slick in the field, learning to forget ORM
Speaker: Renato Cavalcanti - @renatocaval
Slides | code


Track 1: Composable application architecture with reasonably priced monads
Speaker: Rúnar Bjarnason - @runarorama

Track 2: Without Past and Present
Speaker: Endre Varga - @drewhk
Slides (coming soon!)

Track 3: Scalding - the not-so basics
Speaker: Konrad Malawski - @ktosopl

Track 4: Learn you an sbt for fun and profit!
Speaker: Daniel Westheide - @kaffeecoder
slides | code


Track 1: akka-http: (un)REST for your Actors
Mathias Doenitz - @sirthias

Track 2: The Trouble with Tests
Speaker: Bill Venners - @bvenners
Slides (coming soon!)

Track 3: Fun Functional-Reactive Programming with Scala.Rx
Speaker: Li Haoyi - @li_haoyi

Track 4: Play Framework - from 2.2 to 2.3 and Beyond
Speakers: Play Framework Team - @playframework


Track 1: Resilient Applications with Akka Persistence
Speakers: Patrik Nordwall - @patriknw and Konrad Malawski - @ktosopl and Björn Antonsson - @bantonsson

Track 2: Macros for the Rest of Us
Speaker: Dave Gurnell - @davegurnell

Track 3: Lightning-Fast Standard Collections With ScalaBlitz
Speaker: Dmitry Petrashko - @dark_dimius

Track 4: Scala code quality assurance – SCCT
Roch Delsalle - @D_Roch


Track 1: Introduction to Reactive: A Hands-on Workshop with Play and Akka
Speakers: Ryan Knight - @knight_cloud and Nilanjan Raychaudhuri - @nraychaudhuri
Slides (Activator template)

Track 2: Using the Scalatest Selenium DSL - an introduction and return on experience
Speaker: Matthew Farwell - @matthewfarwell

Track 3: Writing Reactive Applications for Fun
Speaker: Matthias Nehlsen - @matthiasnehlsen
articles mentioned in talk | slides

Track 4: Simplifying Scala — The Past, Present and Future
Speaker: Simon Ochsenreither @oxnrtr


Track 1: Spores: Towards Function-Passing Style in the Age of Concurrency and Distribution
Speaker: Heather Miller - @heathercmiller
Paper | slides

Track 2: Why Scala is Taking Over the Big Data World
Dean Wampler - @deanwampler

Track 3: Easy Metaprogramming For Everyone!
Speakers: Eugene Burmako - @xeno_by and Denys Shabalin - @den_sh

Track 4: Delicious Play recipes for real world (with Akka and Slick ingredients)
Speaker: Nilanjan Raychaudhuri - @nraychaudhuri
Code | slides

Wednesday June 18th



Keynote: Legacy
Speaker: Chad Fowler - @chadfowler


Track 1: Session: Serious Fun With Scala
Speaker: Shadaj Laddad - @ShadajL

Track 2: The no-framework Scala Dependency Injection Framework
Speaker: Adam Waski - @adamwarski
(live code, no slides) | code

Track 3: Building a DBMS in Scala or how types can turn a SQL interpreter into a SQL compiler
Speaker: Tiark Rompf - @tiarkrompf
Slides (coming soon!)

Track 4: DOT calculus
Speaker: Nada Amin - @nadamin


Track 1: Scala.js: what has it become and how is it used in the wild?
Speaker: Sébastien Doeraene - @sjrdoeraene

Track 2: Building a Reactive Application
Speaker: Duncan DeVore - @ironfish

Track  3: Yin-Yang: Programming DSLs Made Simple
Speaker: Vojin Jovanovic - @vojjov
Slides (coming soon!)

Track 4: Laugh, Then Learn: Scala Puzzlers Returns!
Speakers: Nermin Serifovic - @higherkinded and Andrew Phillips - @ScalaPuzzlers


Track 1: Futures and Async: When to Use Which?
Speaker: Philipp Haller - @philippkhaller

Track 2: Customizable code generation and other Slick 2 features
Speaker: Jan Christopher Vogt - @cvogt
Code | slides (pdf) | slides (keynote)

Track 3: What's in your pocket? The state of the art in Android programming with Scala (macroid)
Speaker: Nick Stanchenko - @stanchme
Slides | tutorial | demo

Track 4: Git Going Faster... with Scala
Speaker: Roberto Tyley - @rtyley


Track 1: Scala: The First Ten Years
Speakers: Jon Pretty - @propensive and Miles Sabin - @milessabin
Slides | movie | hlist code

Track 2: A whirlwind tour of specs2 2.x
Speaker: Eric Torreborre - @etorreborre

Track 3: How to manage large amounts of data with Iteratee
Speaker: Quentin Adam - @waxzce

Track 4: RESTTest: exploring DSL design in Scala
Speaker: Iain Hull - @IainHull


Track 1: Effective APIs
Speaker: Josh Suereth - @jsuereth
Slides (coming soon!)

Track 2: Unsung Heroes: Less Fashionable Patterns in Scala
Speaker: Dick Wall - @dickwall
Slides (coming soon!)

Track 3: Testing Stateful Systems with ScalaCheck
Speaker: Rickard Nilsson - @rickynils

Track 4: Meet parboiled2 – A Macro-Based PEG Parser Generator for Scala 2.10.3+
Speaker: Alexander Myltsev - @Alex_Myltsev


Track 1: Rethinking the debugger
Speaker: Iulian Dragos - @jaguarul
Slides (coming soon!)

Track 2: Enterprise brownfield: Scala to the rescue
Speaker: Joachim Hofer - @johofer

Track 3: Miniboxing: Specialization on a Diet
Speaker: Vlad Ureche - @VladUreche

Track 4: Scala in Numbers - The Ecosystem Census
Speaker: Johannes Rudolph - @virtualvoid


Track 1: Sparkle: Reactive streams to the browser with scala and d3
Speaker: Lee Mighdoll - @mighdoll
Code | slides

Track 2: Experiment: A Reactive 3D Game Engine in Scala
Speaker: Alexandar Prokopec - @axel22

Track 3: Monitoring Akka
Speaker: Jan Machacek - @honzam399

Track 4: The Reader Monad for Dependency Injection
Speaker: Jason Arhart - @jarhart

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