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Scala sbt 1.1.1 patch notes

Eugene Yokota Scala Team, Lightbend, Inc.

Hi everyone. It’s time for a sbt 1.1.x hotfix. We have 1.1.1 available as a hotfix to 1.1.x series.

sbt 1 follows Semantic Versioning

As a reminder, sbt 1 is released under Semantic Versioning. So plugins released for 1.0.x will continue to work throughout 1.x including 1.1, 1.2, etc. This includes the latest 1.1.1 as well.

Bug fixes


  • Deprecates Extracted#append in favour of appendWithSession or appendWithoutSession. #3865 by @dwijnand
  • Adds a new global Boolean setting called autoStartServer. See below.
  • Upgrades Scala versions used for sbt cross building ^^. #3923 by @dwijnand
  • Many documentation maintenance changes by @xuwei-k.

autoStartServer setting

sbt 1.1.1 adds a new global Boolean setting called autoStartServer, which is set to true by default. When set to true, sbt shell will automatically start sbt server. Otherwise, it will not start the server until startSever command is issued. This could be used to opt out of server for security reasons.

#3922 by @swaldman


A huge thank you to everyone who’s helped improve sbt and Zinc 1 by using them, reporting bugs, improving our documentation, porting builds, porting plugins, and submitting and reviewing pull requests.

sbt 1.1.1 was brought to you by 16 contributors, according to git shortlog -sn --no-merges v1.1.0 ..v1.1.0 on sbt, zinc, librarymanagement, util, io, and website: Kenji Yoshida (xuwei-k), Eugene Yokota, Dale Wijnand, Antonio Cunei, Steve Waldman, Arnout Engelen, Deokhwan Kim, OlegYch, Robert Walker, Jorge Vicente Cantero (jvican), Claudio Bley, Eric Peters, Lena Brüder, Seiya Mizuno, Seth Tisue, j-keck. Thank you!

For anyone interested in helping sbt, there are many avenues you could help, depending on your interest.

  • Migrate library builds to sbt 1, or update plugins.
  • Report bugs when you see them.
  • Send in fixes to bugs.
  • Update documentation.

If you’re interested in other ideas, come talk to us on sbt-contrib.


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