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Scala sbt 1.2.8 patch notes

Eugene Yokota Scala Team, Lightbend, Inc.

Hi everyone. sbt 1.2.8 patch release is available.

How to upgrade

Change project/build.properties as follows:


The sbt launcher will automatically resolve the sbt JARs based on what's in project/build.properties.

However, if you want to resolve them faster, you should use the installers. zip, tgz, and msi installers contain all the JAR files so the resolution completes from the preloaded-local repository.


  • Backported Ivy-1452, which fixes NullPointerException while resolving dynamic versions on some Bintray servers using incorrect HTTP header. ivy#31 by @eed3si9n
  • Fixes rsync in sbt launcher script. lp#247 by @liff
  • Fixes -jvm-debug in sbt launcher script on Windows. lp#249 by @fredge

Cross building documentation

We have updated the cross building documentation based on a recent troubleshooting.

One of the tips is to keep crossScalaVersions to Nil for the root project:

lazy val scala212 = "2.12.8"
lazy val scala211 = "2.11.12"
lazy val supportedScalaVersions = List(scala212, scala211)

ThisBuild / organization := "com.example"
ThisBuild / version      := "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
ThisBuild / scalaVersion := scala212

lazy val root = (project in file("."))
  .aggregate(util, core)
    // crossScalaVersions must be set to Nil on the aggregating project
    crossScalaVersions := Nil,
    publish / skip := true

lazy val core = (project in file("core"))
    crossScalaVersions := supportedScalaVersions,
    // other settings

lazy val util = (project in file("util"))
    crossScalaVersions := supportedScalaVersions,
    // other settings

See cross building for more details.


sbt 1.2.8 was brought to you by 7 contributors. Eugene Yokota, Hugo van Rijswijk, Kostas, Olli Helenius, Régis Desgroppes, Valy Diarrassouba, and fredge. Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who's helped improve sbt and Zinc 1 by using them, reporting bugs, improving our documentation, porting builds, porting plugins, and submitting and reviewing pull requests.

For anyone interested in helping sbt, there are many avenues for you to help, depending on your interest.

If you're interested, Contributing"help wanted""good first issue" are good starting points. If you have ideas, come talk to us on sbt-contrib or on Lightbend 


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