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Serving Machine Learning Models: Free O'Reilly EBook From Lightbend

Why Operationalizing Machine Learning Needs A Different Approach

By Boris Lublinsky, Principal Architect at Lightbend

Machine learning is certainly one of the hottest topics in software engineering today, but one aspect of this field demands more attention: how to serve models that have been trained. In conjunction with our partner O'Reilly, Lightbend is pleased to be able to offer you this expert guide to Machine Learning.


About This EBook

In a typical scenario, two different groups in an organiztion are responsible for model training and model serving. Data scientists often introduce their own machine-learning tools, causing software engineers to create complementary model-serving frameworks to keep pace. It’s not a very efficient system.

In this practical report, Boris Lublinsky, Principal Architect at Lightbend, demonstrates a more standardized approach to model serving and model scoring, introducing architectures for serving models in real time as part of input stream processing. You’ll explore:

  • Methods for exporting models, using Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) and TensorFlow as examples
  • Implementing Lightbend’s architecture with stream processing engines: Spark, Flink, and Beam
  • Implementing the same solution with stream processing libraries: Kafka Streams and Akka Streams
  • Methods for monitoring the architecture with queryable state

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