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Submit your proposal for Scala Days Berlin!

Happy 2014! A friendly reminder that the Call for Papers for Scala Days 2014 in Berlin is open until January 30th, so you have just under a month to submit your proposals for the chance to speak at the leading Scala event of the year.

Scala Days 2013 in NYC was a huge success, with a sold out attendee list of over 500 people that included community members and influencers, an opening keynote by Scala creator, Martin Odersky on Scala with Style, and a guest keynote by Rod Johnson on his predictions and vision for the language. There were numerous awesome breakout sessions- you can watch the videos on our Parley's site as a refresher, or to get a sense for the types of the tracks the Scala Days committee is looking for this year.

Please feel free to reach out to info@scaladays.org with any questions, and prepare an abstract of your talk (less than 1000 words) and submit your proposal today!

Lastly, if you're interested in supporting Scala Days 2014 as a sponsor or in another capacity, please complete the Contact Us form on http://scaladays.org/. Hope to see you in Berlin!


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