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Tapad Turns to the Lightbend Platform

In an effort to deliver a robust system that would enable marketers and advertisers to consistently reach consumers across multiple devices, Tapad selected the Typesafe Platform to accomplish this monumental task. Tapad has proven to be a leader in cross-screen advertising technology, adddressing the new and ever-evolving reality of media consumption on smartphones, tablets and home computers. There were three main technical reasons that drove the reasoning behind choosing Scala and the Lightbend Platform:

  • Statically typed tooling.
  • It ran on a standard JVM container.
  • The Actor model is a very good fit for solving some problems in a high frequency, high throughput system with lots of stateful decisions and heavy concurrent access to mutable state.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Tapad has built their solution with Scala, Akka and Play Framework.


The Total Economic Impact™
Of Lightbend Akka

  • 139% ROI
  • 50% to 75% faster time-to-market
  • 20x increase in developer throughput
  • <6 months Akka pays for itself