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Check out Text By the Bay!

In addition to all the amp and excitement around Scala Days San Francisco (next week!!) and Scala Days Amsterdam in June, we wanted to call attention to another exciting conference coming up soon, Text By the Bay. Below is a quick note from our good friend and partner, Alexy Khrabrov, who would like to share more information.


Folks -- SF Text, a text mining meetup from the founders of SF Scala and Scala By the Bay, has put together an amazing program for its inaugural Text By the Bay conference in San Francisco in April:


We have about 40 talks from about 40 great organizations.

The topics include label quality, deep learning for NLP, genomic sequencing, question answering, topic detection, sentiment analysis, machine learning for NLP with Scala and Spark, and more.

The companies represented by speakers include

  • Universities:
    • UPenn
    • Stanford
    • Berkeley
  • Big text data powerhouses:
    • Cloudera
    • Microsoft
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Ancestry
  • Growing global players:
    • AirBnB
    • Trulia
    • StumbleUpon
    • Nitro
    • Workday
    • OpenTable
  • Startups:
    • SVDS
    • Fountain
    • VigLink
    • DataLingvo
    • InPowered
    • Human API
    • Enlitic
    • Poshly
  • Text/NLP tech providers:
    • Idibon
    • Semantria/Lexalytics
    • Diffbot
  • Edtech:
    • Versal
    • Galvanize
  • Nonprofits:
    • Wikimedia
    • CommonCrawl
  • Genomics:
    • Driver Group
    • Berkeley AMPLab
The keynotes are by Mark Liberman, Penn TreeBank and Aaron Patzer, Fountain.com.
There will be a data science Q&A with Pete Skomoroch, Jeremy Howard and Nikita Ivanov, and a business of text CEO panel in the works.

There's also a hackathon and unconference planned for the evenings as well.

As a hallmark of all By the Bay conferences, great coffee will flow nonstop 7:30am-10pm.
Please use the discount code TYPETEXT for $250 off, valid for 20 tickets total and expiring 3/31, while the early birds pricing lasts through 3/20.  Our capacity is limited to 300, and all previous By the Bay conferences sold out.

Hope to see you at Text By the Bay in April!

A+ (Alexy) & TBTB


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