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To And Fro: Visualizing The Lives Of Akka Actors With Vizceral, Docker, And Lightbend Telemetry

Observe Akka Actor Flows With Extreme Granularity

For those of us still working with threads and locks and traditional monolithic architectures, monitoring Akka Actors presents a significant change in methodology and tooling.

To put it bluntly, attempting to track millions of asynchronous messages across various domains, actors, microservices, nodes and datacenters with traditional monitoring tools will leave you in the dark holding a synchronous stack trace of little worth in the era of distributed computing.

Luckily, we can now grasp the busy little lives of Akka Actors with the help of the Netflix Vizceral project. Our engineers at Lightbend have created a hypnotically elegent visualization layer that shows real-time asynchronous flows of Akka Actors across your globally distributed systems: 

This is just one example. We welcome you to go get more information about using Lightbend Enterprise Suite's Telemetry/Monitoring module (a.k.a. Cinnamon) with Docker and Vizceral on our Developer Tech Hub:



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