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Typesafe Launches Thought Leadership Video Series

Lightbend Team, Lightbend, Inc.

Today we are launching the Typesafe Thought Leadership Video Series, a collection of videos showcasing forward-looking opinions from our staff, partners and customers. The first video was recently recorded at Intel during a San Francisco Scala meetup. James Baldwin, General Manager of the Engineering Division of Intel Media, opens the video with an overview of the value Intel sees Scala playing in the field of development, followed by a brief introduction to Scala 2.10 by Martin Odersky, Scala creator and Typesafe co-founder.

We hope this series will inspire, challenge and motivate all those developers out there looking for the next generation software solution. When we launched Typesafe, we made a commitment to remain at the forefront of software development and to set the agenda for the next wave of programming solutions aimed to tackle the problems of tomorrow. This video series will showcase this commitment by giving all of you a peek into what we think are going to be the next challenges as well opinions on crucial development topics from experts in the field.

We welcome your suggestions on who you'd like to see on camera as well as any questions you might want us to ask these experts! Give us a shout-out on Twitter.

Check out the full version of the first video of the Typesafe Thought Leadership Series on our YouTube channel.

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