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Tune in to Typesafe channel on Parleys and watch Scala Days 2013 Videos!

Today we're thrilled to announce that the videos of breakout sessions and keynotes from Scala Days 2013 are now available to watch instantly on Parleys, courtesy to the Scala Days team at Typesafe! See Martin Odersky's opening night presentation on Scala with Style, Rod Johnson's keynote on what Scala might look like in 2018, Viktor Klang's packed session on concurrency, Heather Miller's fantastic talk on pickles and spores and more!

We hope you enjoy the videos, especially if you were unable to join us for this year’s conference in New York City. As we blogged about last week, it was a huge honor to host the event and the entire Typesafe team was so inspired by our community; we aim to continue making Scala, and supporting projects, as amazing as possible.

Watch all videos now!

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