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What’s in a name? Typesafe public renaming update (week 6)

This naming update is kind of short because the work we are doing now is intense and internally focused. But, I thought it would be cool to share what we’ve been up to, in a general way. Currently, we are at the Generate Names stage of the process––which a lot of folks on Twitter got a head start on by sharing their suggestions and opinions publicly:

So while we definitely enjoy some of the suggestions posted on Twitter, we can’t exactly share some of our own ideas just yet...although I do still consider “Magic Sauce” to be my own personal favorite.

In the last meeting, we went through a process of discerning names in relation to categories, attributes, audiences and even vowel/consonant sounds. It’s was very revealing, and showed us just how complex this process can be.

As part of this effort, our executive team dove deep into the philosophy behind the establishment and growth of our company over the years. Then, a mix of our employees representing engineering, marketing, support/services and sales in the company had a brainstorming session with our President and CEO, Mark Brewer, to develop a meaningful consensus based on six critical questions:

1. Why do we exist?

2. How do we behave?

3. What do we do?

4. How will we succeed?

5. What is most important right now?

6. Who must do what?

Mark will write the next post going into more details. Thanks for reading, and if you have any ideas or questions, please add to the comments section below!

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