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scala reactive webinar

Whitepages Webinar: Ruby to Reactive

Today, we were really lucky enough to have John Nestor and Dragos Manolescu from the Whitepages present their experiences converting from
Ruby to Reactive. In the presentation, John and Dragos discuss their decision to replace Ruby, and outline the reasons they selected Scala; these boiled down to:

  • Elegant blend of Functional and OO paradigms

  • Static type system:

    • Type inference avoids the excess boilerplate of Java.

    • Compiler catches many errors.

  • Runs on the JVM:

    • Fast.

    • Near seamless interop with JVM libraries.

    • Reasonably mature tooling support.

  • Actor-based concurrency framework: Akka.

They also share some challenges, lessons learned, and how they brought their team up to speed. 

Watch the recording below:


You can also check out the slides here.

Thanks John and Dragos! 

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