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akka cloud modernization whitepaper

Whitepaper: Modernization: 
The End Of Heavyweight Era

Java EE Middleware is the Wrong Approach for Today’s Cloud-Based Infrastructures

In a world where business models face constant disruption, digital business imperatives are driving architects and technology leaders to embrace modernization to remain competitive. However, traditional application monoliths running on Java EE middleware were not designed with development agility and cloud elasticity in mind, making them an ill-suited solution for today’s needs. 

To address all the shortcomings of monolithic Java EE applications and the heavyweight middleware and infrastructure needed to run them, developers must shift their thinking. Both systems and organizations themselves must increase flexibility, adapt to complex environments, quickly roll out new changes without rigid dependencies and coordination, know how and when to behave in certain ways, scale massively at any given moment without compromising infrastructure, and most importantly, be able to rapidly identify, isolate, and self-heal in the face of failure at any level.


This technical whitepaper helps architects and technology leaders understand the business impact of modernizing with the actor model to build Reactive systems--systems that are purpose-built for the modern era of multicore cloud computing.

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