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Get Certified. Validate Your Skills.

Want to stand out from the crowd? A Lightbend certification will validate your understanding of Reactive Architectures and deliver proof of your skills.

What To Know About The Certification

This certification is based on the Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional training course so you have the highest chance of success if you are intimately familiar with the topics or have taken the course.

This certification covers detailed knowledge and understanding of Reactive Systems architecture. It’s language agnostic, and ensures the certified individual is ready to architect a fully Reactive system. What you’ll be asked about includes practical design principles and architectural patterns:

  1. Domain-Driven Design
  2. Distributed Systems Design
  3. Event-Sourcing, CQRS
  4. Scalability, Resilience, Consistency models
  5. Delivery guarantees
  6. Microservice systems
  7. The Actor model
  8. CAP theorem (and more)
  9. SOLID design principles, hexagonal and onion architecture
  10. CRDTs, the Saga pattern
  11. Asynchronous, non-blocking designs

About The Exam

  • Exam length is 90 minutes and “closed-book”
  • Score of 80% or higher required in order to pass
  • Exams are online at, proctored by humans, and available in any timezone
  • Exam fee of $250 includes two (2) additional retries
  • Certifications are valid for three (3) years to ensure relevance