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Announcing Lightbend Fast Data Platform: Removing Risks for Teams Embracing Streaming for Faster Answers

Today, Lightbend announced the Early Access Program for our upcoming Fast Data Platform (FDP), the complete application platform for data teams that are moving from classic Big Data architectures to newer Fast Data architectures, where streaming data is the core abstraction. FDP tackles the greatest risks for this transition:

  • There are so many streaming tools now. Which ones should I use?
  • How do I build and manage my clusters with rock solid reliability?
  • How do I avoid rookie mistakes?
  • How do I ramp up my developers so they are productive as quickly as possible?
  • Where do I turn when I need help?

FDP simplifies cluster installation and management. It removes the pain of integrating diverse streaming components. It encapsulates our expertise about streaming data's most powerful frameworks, as well as our general experience with managing and monitoring microservices. The Early Access Program provides access to FDP components for teams who can't wait. It also helps us refine the capabilities of FDP to meet the needs of these teams. Learn more about the Early Access Program.

"The first generations of Big Data adoption focused on large datasets 'at rest' in datastores," according to Dr. Dean Wampler, Office of the CTO and Big Data Architect, Lightbend, Inc. "Today enterprises are scrambling to take better advantage of data as soon as it arrives, also known as data 'in motion.' This in-motion data is the paydirt that's allowed companies like Uber and Netflix to disrupt entire industries. But as developers make the leap from data-at-rest to always-on streaming data, they are challenged by an entirely new set of development and operational requirements, where Reactive principles -- responsiveness, resilience, elasticity and message-driven patterns -- are paramount to success in bringing this new class of application to market."

A Platform For Fast Data Development And Operations

Lightbend Fast Data Platform bundles: Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, DC/OS, OpsClarity, Apache Flink, and Lightbend Reactive Platform with Akka, Akka Streams, Play, and Lagom. Included are installation, integration, and monitoring tools tuned for various deployment scenarios, plus sample applications to help you sort out which tools to use for which purposes. As a Lightbend customer, you get direct access to our expert Fast Data team for help on everything from basic design questions to debugging complex integration problems. FDP includes sophisticated but easy-to-use monitoring and management capabilities to give you full visibility and control over your applications.

Built by the Leaders in Streaming

With its Fast Data Platform, Lightbend is working with leading technology vendors in Streaming Data and Reactive systems to cover the end-to-end requirements for development and operations of applications built for streaming data:

  • Apache KafkaTM - Confluent, founded by the creators of Apache Kafka, has developed Confluent Platform so enterprises can reliably run their business in real time at scale. Lightbend FDP enhances the integration of Kafka with the other streaming technologies in FDP, such as Akka Streams.
  • Apache SparkTM - Databricks, the company behind Apache Spark, has aggressively evolved Spark and nurtured the Spark ecosystem. Lightbend engineers have worked with Databricks on enhancements to Spark Streaming and the support for Apache Mesos in FDP.
  • Apache FlinkTM - data Artisans, the company behind Apache Flink has contributed to the integration of Flink with FDP for sophisticated streaming scenarios, such as low-latency, stateful and high-performance applications.
  • Mesosphere DC/OS - Mesosphere, the company behind Apache Mesos. has built a comprehensive platform called DC/OS that includes databases, HDFS, security, and other tools required by real environments. They have worked with Lightbend to make DC/OS the best possible platform for running applications developed with Spark and the Lightbend Reactive Platform.
  • OpsClarity - OpsClarity has built an intelligent monitoring solution tailored for streaming applications to deliver integrated monitoring and diagnostics for essential end-to-end visibility into the application and data pipeline. Lightbend has worked with OpsClarity to implement monitoring for Lightbend Reactive Platform-based microservices.
  • Lightbend Reactive Platform - Lightbend, the company behind Reactive Platform, provides a tried and true set of frameworks for the rest of your microservices development and operations.

"At Confluent, we see an increasing number of enterprises adopting Confluent Platform to take advantage of streaming data and build faster, more responsive businesses," said Jabari Norton, vice president of business development at Confluent. "Lightbend is leveraging Confluent Platform to power its new Fast Data offering and we're excited to see a new class of applications emerge from this partnership."

Get Early Access for Your Fast Data Projects

Whether you're developing real-time analytics or whatever else your developers are dreaming up in this exciting Fast Data opportunity, find out more information on the the Lightbend Fast Data Platform Early Access and Services & Training programs.



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