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Juniper Networks Selects Scala and Akka from Typesafe

Juniper Networks Selects Typesafe Stack

Multi-year licensing agreement enables developers to leverage Scala and Akka in building next-generation networking products

MENLO PARK, CA -- (Marketwire June 25, 2012) Typesafe today announced that Juniper Networks, the industry leader in network innovation, has selected the Typesafe Stack, including both the Scala language and Akka middleware, for use in future Juniper software technologies. The agreement includes a multi-year contract for software licenses (including the Typesafe Console), support, maintenance, training, and consulting.

The Typesafe Stack was chosen because it allows Juniper to: 

  • Efficiently utilize today and tomorrow's multi-core hardware
  • Boost productivity of software developers at Juniper
  • Create highly available distributed software based on Akka middleware 

“The Typesafe Stack, including the Scala programming language and Akka middleware, represents a fresh approach to software development,” said Will Eatherton, vice president of Engineering, Core Routing Business Unit at Juniper Networks. “By leveraging the Typesafe Stack, Juniper developers will be able to quickly and reliably create distributed software based on Akka middleware that can scale to take advantage of modern multi-core processors.”

Akka is a modern event-driven middleware runtime, for building high performance and reliable distributed applications in Java and Scala. Akka decouples application logic from low-level mechanisms such as threads and locks. Scala or Java program logic lives in lightweight actor objects which send and receive messages. With Akka, you can easily configure how actors are created, destroyed, scheduled, and restarted upon failure.

“The decision by Juniper Networks to utilize the Typesafe Stack demonstrates the power of our technology in solving key development challenges for leading edge companies,” said Mark Brewer, Typesafe Chief Executive Officer. “Using our modern, comprehensive software components, including Akka middleware, Juniper Networks can deliver more flexible, scalable and high performing network solutions.”

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About Typesafe

Typesafe provides the most scalable software platform designed for the computing architectures of the future—multicore, parallel and cloud applications. It does this through the open source Typesafe Stack, a 100% Java compatible software suite that combines Akka middleware, the Play web framework, and the Scala programming language, proven in production with some of the world’s most highly trafficked web properties including Foursquare, LinkedIn and Twitter. The company’s Typesafe Subscription complements the Typesafe Stack with commercial support, maintenance, and operations tools. Typesafe also offers training and consulting services for organizations to ease adoption of Akka, Play, and Scala. Typesafe was co-founded by Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, and is backed by Greylock Partners.