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Lightbend CEO Mark Brewer to Speak on Panel at Open Core Summit in San Francisco on September 20, 2019 at Palace of Fine Arts

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightbend today announced that CEO Mark Brewer will participate on a panel, “The OSS Business Model, from Past to Present” moderated by attorney Mark Radcliffe at the Open Core Summit in San Francisco, September 20 at 9am at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Open Core Summit is the world’s first and largest ecosystem gathering across the burgeoning COSS (commercial open-source software) category leveraging the power of an open-source core model to construct differentiated, capital efficient, positive-sum ecosystems of the future.

Three very experienced open source CEOs (Brewer, Larry Augustin, VP Amazon Web Services--formerly CEO of SugarCRM--and Scott Collison) will share their experience of developing and implementing business models for their open source companies. They have all worked for multiple open source companies and will discuss how the underlying software products can also affect the choice of a business model. The presentation will take the form of a fireside chat, moderated by Mark Radcliffe Global Chair of the Open Source Practice Group at DLA Piper.

Brewer, CEO and President of Lightbend, is responsible for the company's overall strategy and operation. Previously he served as Vice President of Business Operations for VMware's Cloud Application Platform, where he helped build out their cloud application platform portfolio while integrating numerous open source technology companies including SpringSource, RabbitMQ, Gemstone and WaveMake. Prior to VMware, Brewer was Vice President and General Manager at SpringSource. Before joining SpringSource, Brewer was Chief Executive Officer of Covalent Technologies. Brewer has also held the role of board member for several open source technology companies, including Stormpath, LucidWorks and ActiveState.