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Lightbend Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

SAN FRANCISCO, May 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightbend today announced it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, extending its commitment to Kubernetes and broadening its support for developers working in the cloud native software ecosystem.

Analysts estimate that the Kubernetes market, and the overall container application market, is exploding, with annual growth estimates of more than 25 percent, said Mark Brewer, CEO of Lightbend. By joining CNCF and expanding our integration with Kubernetes, we’re helping developers to extend and unlock the strengths of both Kubernetes and Lightbend’s open source frameworks to build Reactive systems that transform organizations and open up new opportunities.

Mark Brewer, CEO of Lightbend

Lightbend founder and CTO Jonas Bonér, creator of Akka, is speaking Tuesday, May 21 at 15:55 about serverless technologies at CNCF’s Kubecon conference in Barcelona, Spain. In his talk, “Serverless is interesting, but FaaS is not enough,” Bonér will examine the inherent challenges with serving stateful services from a scaling perspective while preserving responsiveness by designing for resilience and elasticity using Akka, an open source software library for distributed stateful applications.

Lightbend is already closely aligned with the CNCF mission to promote open cloud native technologies. Lightbend today supports workloads that rely on fellow CNCF members such as IBM, Red Hat and more which is part of its broad portfolio of integrations across the dynamic cloud landscape.

As the commercial entity behind the Scala programming language that popular frameworks like Akka, Apache Spark and Apache Kafka are written in, Lightbend is one of the early pioneers behind application infrastructure for some of the industry’s most prominent streaming data success stories. Read the latest survey on streaming trends in industry as well as streaming data case studies about Lightbend’s work with Capital One, Credit Karma, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, LinkedIn, Verizon and other early streaming adopters.