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Lightbend: Real-Time Cloud-Native Application Platform

An Intellyx Brain Candy Update

When we last covered Lightbend in August 2017, cloud-native computing was yet to arrive on the scene. At the time, the Lightbend’s story centered on reactive computing, a technical approach for building real-time applications.

Today, the reactive computing story is an essential component of the broader cloud-native computing movement, which delivers massive horizontal scale, ideally in real-time.

Achieving this real-time vision for cloud-native computing, however, is easier said than done, which is where Lightbend fits in.

Not only must developers build microservices filling a reactive approach, but the Kubernetes-based cloud-native infrastructure must also handle interactions in a stateless manner. Managing state information within an inherently stateless infrastructure is a challenge that Lightbend addresses with its new, open source Cloudstate offering.

Combined with its Cloudflow streaming data solution, as well as its more established Akka, Play, and Lagom reactive application platform components, Lightbend is well-situated to help even the most demanding of enterprises deliver on real-time cloud-native computing at scale.