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Lightbend Releases Enterprise Suite 2.0 For Run-Time Monitoring and Management of Reactive Applications

MONTREAL, Oct. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reactive Summit -- Lightbend today announced the release of Enterprise Suite 2.0, a management and monitoring toolset addressing the full range of operational requirements for running Reactive applications in production. The announcement was made at Reactive Summit, where Reactive adopters like Capital One, Google, PayPal, and Facebook are speaking this week.

Reactive is the popular distributed computing movement that standardizes essential requirements of responsiveness, resilience and elasticity of cloud-native applications. As the pioneer of the movement and the author of the Reactive Manifesto, Lightbend has now released enterprise-scale monitoring and management capabilities for enterprises to build, verify and operate Reactive applications in production.

“Mainstream enterprises building Reactive applications on the JVM need mature tooling that gives them visibility into their distributed systems and the ability to visualize events as they happen,” said Mark Brewer, CEO at Lightbend. “With Enterprise Suite 2.0, Lightbend is combining rich run-time telemetry data with essential features for developers and operators to monitor and manage their Reactive applications throughout their CI/CD pipeline. Enterprise Suite 2.0 elevates Reactive operations from the realm of the early web-scale adopters, to more mainstream accessibility for any enterprise.”

Lightbend Kubernetes management console Lightbend Shopping Cart management console

Key Capabilities in Enterprise Suite 2.0

  • Lightbend Telemetry -- Telemetry, part of Lightbend Enterprise Suite’s distributed systems monitoring feature set, is a suite of tools that provides a view into the workings of our platform and frameworks. Telemetry makes it possible to gather metric, event and trace information from Akka, Scala, Play, and Lagom based applications. The information is transferred to various backends, allowing developers and operations to respond quickly to problems, track down unexpected behavior and even tune the system.

  • Lightbend Console -- Lightbend Console enables monitoring of applications running on Kubernetes. The Console provides visibility for KPIs, Reactive metrics, monitors and alerting, and includes a large selection of ready-to-use dashboards. Built on trusted and battle tested technologies like Prometheus and Grafana, Lightbend Console delivers real value during development, testing, and staging as well as during production. The Console works with Kubernetes via Lightbend Orchestration to help users manage the complexities of distributed applications and focus on building core business value.

  • Reactive Production Tooling -- Enterprise Suite 2.0 includes effective tools to simplify development, deployment and management of Akka-based distributed systems. These enterprise class components deliver safe, reliable and efficient Akka-based systems, with a lower operational cost profile. Included are tools for every stage of the life cycle:

    • Build: preparing your applications for monitoring, and deployment in your custom CI. Validate your distributed systems design in runtime.

    • Verify: Using static code analysis and manage data protection compliance

    • Operate: Provide visibility needed to deploy and manage and scale your Reactive Application in your production Kubernetes cluster.

  • Kubernetes-native Management of Akka-based Applications -- Enterprise Suite 2.0 supports Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform and other popular Kubernetes distributions, allowing you to take full advantage of the most scalable container-based deployment options available.

  • Fortify SCA Scala Plug In -- The Fortify Scala plugin is designed specifically for Scala users to minimize application security risk and comply with corporate security standards. Developed by Lightbend and Micro Focus in close collaboration, the Fortify Scala plugin automatically identifies code-level security vulnerabilities early in the SDLC. Unlike other SAST solutions, thanks to the Lightbend collaboration, the Fortify Scala plugin uses the the official Scala compiler, delivering a high degree of accuracy and a superior level of performance.

Enterprise Suite 2.0 is available today. Sign up now for a personalized demo!