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Typesafe Unveils Scala1 Mobile Application for JavaOne

Typesafe Unveils Scala1 Mobile App for JavaOne

Conference attendees can track Scala-related content, engage other enthusiasts via interactive app on iOS and Android devices

MENLO PARK, CA -- (September 28, 2012) — Typesafe today announced the release of Scala1, a new mobile application for conference attendees to track content related to the Typesafe Stack (Scala, Akka and the Play Framework) and interact with other Scala enthusiasts near them. Scala1 makes it easy for developers to find new Scala talks, learn more about who is speaking, and discuss the tracks in real time. The application will also allow developers to create their own conference profiles and engage with fellow enthusiasts at the show.

“As we have seen tremendous Scala, Play and Akka adoption within the last year and a half, it’s very important for us to keep our community engaged and active,” said Mark Brewer, Typesafe CEO. “With the release of Scala1 at JavaOne, we’re providing a highly interactive way for conference attendees to stay up-to-date on the sessions that we are hosting, as well as quickly locate other Scala, Play and Akka related tracks.”

The Scala1 app is available on iOS and Android devices, and was developed with our partners, Tindr.co and Magnetic Bear Studios. Key features include:

  • Events - Easily organize your schedule from the list of events with one click;
  • Speakers - View session descriptions and speaker bios;
  • Favorites - Mark important sessions and keep track of your favoriate sessions and speakers;
  • My Profile - Personalize your conference experience and let fellow Scala enthusiasts find you by creating a unique user profile; (iOS only)
  • Discuss - Join-in on the conference conversation and share your experience with other app users through using the built-in Twitter feed and chat functionality; (iOS only)
  • Find – Locate other Scala enthusiasts near you with the built-in Google maps features (iOS only)
  • Playground - Create completely new functions in Scala, directly within the app; the app is open source though GitHub. 

To learn more about the Typesafe stack, including Scala, Akka and Play, please visit the Typesafe booth (#5002) in the Exposition Hall during JavaOne.

  • Attend Martin Odersky’s session at JavaOne: CON6338 What’s new in Scala 2.10
  • Attend Viktor Klang’s session at JavaOne: CON4345 Up, Up and Out: Scaling Software with Akka
  • Attend Peter Hausel’s session at JavaOne: CON6008 Modern Java Web Development with Play Framework 2.0
  • Attend Roland Kuhn’s session at JavaOne: BOF6890 Strategies for Testing Event-Driven Programs

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About Typesafe Typesafe provides the most scalable software platform designed for the computing architectures of the future -- multicore, parallel and cloud applications. It does this through the Typesafe Stack, a 100% Java compatible software suite that combines the Akka middleware framework, the Play web framework, and the Scala programming language, proven in production with some of the world's most highly trafficked web properties including Foursquare, LinkedIn and Twitter. The company's Typesafe Subscription complements the Typesafe Stack with commercial support, maintenance, and operations tools. Typesafe also offers training and consulting services for organizations to ease adoption of Akka, Play, and Scala. Typesafe was co-founded by Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, and is backed by Greylock Partners, Shasta Ventures, and Juniper Networks.