A Lightbend Platform subscription includes enterprise capabilities to help you successfully design, build and run your most valuable real-time streaming applications and microservices. Backed by our world class team, there are no limits to what you can achieve.


What Your Subscription Includes

Developer Assist

Far more than just bug-fixes

  • Direct, unlimited access to Lightbend engineers for break-fix support to general advice
  • Guaranteed response times for support cases
  • Access to how-to's, what if's, best practices, and beta programs
  • Ongoing knowledge transfer through private content
  • Fortify SCA for Scala, a compiler integrated Static App Security Testing (SAST) solution
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Production Support

Expertise available 24/7

  • Direct, unlimited access to Lightbend engineers for Severity 1-4 production support
  • Guaranteed SLAs with 24/7 availability
  • Long-term support for older versions, including break-fix and patches
  • Certified and validated integrations of core projects
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Commercial Licensing & Warranties

Protect your business from abuse

  • Commercial license terms for OSS and commercial technologies
  • Comprehensive warranty and indemnification coverage
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Talent Cultivation

Discover, inspire, and retain top talent

  • Job openings posted to Lightbend website and promoted in tweets and webinars
  • Available discounts for Reactive Architecture training and certification
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Lightbend Academy

Your online education platform

  • Online, self-paced courses
  • Featuring Reactive Architecture patterns and design
  • Courses on learning Lightbend technologies like Scala, Akka, Lagom, Akka Streams, and Telemetry

Optional Add-ons


Embedded Lightbend Engineer

  • Annual subscription for a dedicated Lightbend engineer focused on accelerating developer adoption and issue resolution
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Proof of Concept / Proof of Value

  • 3-month subscription with focused professional services
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Lightbend Platform - Supported and
Certified Technologies

The following Supported technologies are those that Lightbend will provide fixes and patches, and Production SLAs, including 24x7 for Supported products.

Supported Technologies in Lightbend Platform

  • Akka 2.5.25 (Docs)
  • Akka Resilience Enhancements 1.1.11 (Docs)
  • Akka Persistence Enhancements 1.1.11 (Docs)
  • Akka HTTP 10.1.9 (Docs)
  • Akka Streams 2.5.25 (Docs)
  • Akka Persistence Cassandra 0.99
  • Akka Persistence Couchbase 1.0 (Docs)
  • Alpakka Kafka Connector 1.0.5 (Docs)
  • Alpakka Couchbase Connector 1.1.1 (Docs)
  • Alpakka CSV Connector 1.1.1 (Docs)
  • Lightbend Console 1.1.0 (Docs)
  • Lightbend Telemetry 2.11.4 (Docs)
  • Lagom Framework 1.5.3 (Scala Docs, Java Docs)
  • Play Framework 2.7.3 (Scala Docs, Java Docs)
  • Play WS 2.0.7
  • Lightbend Pipelines (Docs)
  • Scala 2.13.0 (Docs)
  • Fortify SCA for Scala 1.0.15 (Docs)
  • sbt 1.3.0 (Docs)
  • Slick 3.3.2 (Docs)
  • Apache Kafka 2.3.0, via Strimzi Operator 0.13.0 (Docs)
  • Apache Spark, via Spark Operator 2.4.3 (Docs)
  • Apache Spark History Server 2.4.3 (Docs)

The following Certified products are production ready and work with the Supported Lightbend products shown above, but are not supported by Lightbend directly. Lightbend will not provide fixes or patches that are available from other vendors.

Certified Integrations for
Lightbend Platform

  • Apache Cassandra 3.11.x
    Certified with Akka Persistence Cassandra,
    Akka Multi-DC, and Lagom
  • Couchbase Community 5.1.1
    Certified with Akka Persistence Couchbase,
    Lagom Persistence Couchbase, and Alpakka Couchbase
  • Apache Flink
  • Grafana
  • Intel BigDL
  • InfluxDB
  • Prometheus
  • Kubeflow

Certified Platforms for
Lightbend Platform

  • Red Hat OpenShift 3.11
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • RHEL OpenJDK 8 and 11 (Details)
  • AdoptOpenJDK 8 and 11 (Details)


For the first time in our history, we faced no downtime on Black Friday using Lightbend Platform.

Lightbend Academy

Lightbend Academy is the first online training portal delivering Lightbend’s expert taught, self-paced courses in Reactive Architecture patterns & design, Akka and Lagom microservices development and operations, the Scala programming language, and streaming application development and performance tuning using Akka Streams, with more courses continually being added.

As flexible, self-paced courses, you and your team members control the learning pace and effort. Depending on the financial size of your Lightbend subscription you are entitled to have up to a specific number of your team members register with Lightbend Academy. Every Lightbend customer can register a minimum of 100 employees on Lightbend Academy. Customers that have progressively larger accounts with Lightbend can register up to 1000 employees on Academy.

Go to Lightbend Academy

Lightbend Developer Assist

Unlike other vendors that stop at just break-fix support, Lightbend Developer Assist additionally offers deep engagement on both strategic and tactical issues with our engineering teams and project committers to accelerate your learning and project success. No call centers. No redirects. No nonsense.

Direct access to experts. Because we don’t barricade our experts behind layers of escalation, your team receives direct access to the creators and committers of our amazing technology. The more advanced your team becomes, the more value they will likely find engaging with our experts.

Guaranteed response times. With a guaranteed response time, Lightbend offers predictability on top of world-class support, so your teams are always productive.

Early development insight. It’s never too early to get advice about the optimal way to build your application. Rather than waiting for a blocker to arise, your team has unlimited access to explore how-to’s, what-if’s and best practice tips with our experts. By making smarter, faster, development decisions upfront, you can save a ton of time down the line.

Ongoing knowledge transfer. A single blocker can bring the momentum of your development to a screeching halt as your team scours public forums for insight and resolution. With Developer Assist you have the peace of mind knowing an extra set of eyes that is intimately familiar with the technology is available to provide the most reliable answer. Rather than terse responses, our experts take the time to provide the detailed context your team needs to keep learning and growing and most importantly, succeed with your project.

Lightbend Production Support

Lightbend provides timely resolutions to runtime issues through our support channels under a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring runtime stability.

Guaranteed response times. Mitigating your risk with rapid resolutions to runtime issues is a top priority. Your subscription includes production SLAs that include 24x7 support.

Long-term support. An extended two-year support period for older versions of our projects includes backports of fixes to ensure the stability of your distributed systems.

Certified builds. To simplify development and mitigate risk in deployment we offer certified and validated integrations between our core projects–Lagom, Play Framework, Akka, and Scala—plus any additional components distributed in the Lightbend Platform.

Warranties and Indemnification

For businesses that want extra assurance, Lightbend provides a commercial license agreement in lieu of open source terms. The included comprehensive warranty and indemnification can significantly reduce risk by protecting your company against IP claims and other unforeseen liabilities.

Talent Cultivation

In this market, attracting top talent is paramount for most businesses. To help you build your dream team, we post your job openings on our website and then regularly tweet or promote during webinars to amplify your reach. In order to help your existing team members and new hires prove their skills and build their careers, we offer free credits for Certified Reactive Architect exam.


Knowing that our mission-critical applications are supported by a world-class team at Lightbend gives us peace of mind.

Fidel Pérez
Manager of Web Applications Architecture
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Embedded Lightbend Engineer

If your enterprise is an existing Lightbend Platform Subscriber looking to accelerate adoption, this add-on subscription is worth exploring.

Providing high connectivity between your team and the Lightbend Engineering team, an embedded engineer helps you accelerate adoption of the Lightbend Platform. At the same time, by liaising directly with your team and Lightbend’s Support team, an Embedded Lightbend Engineer drives speedy issue resolutions and accelerates your team’s productivity.


Proof of Concept / Proof of Value

If your enterprise is just beginning to explore the benefits of modernizing with Lightbend Platform, this 3-month subscription includes a focused professional services engagement to help you validate the value.

Together, we co-create your business case for adoption, engineer a feasibility solution against the trickiest aspect of your modernization initiative, and provide your developers with direct access to expert advice throughout the entire process.