Opinionated microservice framework

Develop distributed systems faster and easier than ever before with Lagom, an open source microservice framework.

Most microservices frameworks focus on making it easy to build individual microservices. Lagom allows developers to run a whole system of microservices from a single command.

Built using real-world experience with proven technologies—Play web framework, Akka message-driven runtime, and Lightbend service orchestration—this guard-railed solution abstracts away the complexities of building, running, and managing microservice architectures.

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Java finally gets microservices tools.


and Capabilities

Use familiar tools

Lagom works with popular IDEs and dependency injection tools, leveraging something familiar to build something new.

Hot-reload environment

Borrowing from Play Framework, Lagom hot-reloads code changes to services whenever updates are made for more rapid development cycles.

Best practices guide development

Lagom is highly opinionated, reducing guesswork in building distributed systems and ensuring microservice development adheres to Reactive system design best practices.


In Lagom both communication and IO are asynchronous and non-blocking by default, which is a cornerstone in Reactive system design.

Single responsibility made simple

By removing most of the boilerplate code, Lagom focuses development on the essence of the service and makes it easy to create explicit and typed protocols that compose—either through asynchronous messaging, request/reply or continuous streaming.

Data Security

Each service in Lagom owns its data, all the way down to persisting it. The default model uses Event Sourcing and CQRS—using Akka Persistence and Cassandra—which is very scalable, easy to replicate, and fully resilient.

Shared-nothing design

True isolation is achieved through shared-nothing design. This means the services in Lagom are autonomous, loosely coupled and mobile (location transparent)—necessary requirements for resilience and elasticity.

Persistence is trivially easy

Lagom provides APIs that make implementing Event Sourcing and other distributed data patterns trivially easy.

Subscription for easier deployment

Services can be deployed as they are, directly to production using commercial orchestration features in Lightbend Reactive Platform, which is available through an annual subscription.

Services are container-ready

The annual subscription also provides monitoring and supports scaling of services in a container environment.

Meet Lagom

Meet Lagom in this 3-minute overview.