High velocity web framework

Play Framework is a web development framework with Scala and Java APIs that empowers developers to build applications with an ease unparalleled on the JVM.

Built on Akka, Play is a stateless, asynchronous, and non-blocking framework that uses an underlying fork-join thread pool that enables work stealing for network operations and can leverage Akka for user level operations.

This allows Play to provide predictable and minimal resource consumption (CPU, memory, threads) to deliver lightning-fast, highly scalable applications.

As a startup inside of Samsung, Play is very important because it allows us to go fast.


and Capabilities

Rapid development

Play features a “just-hit-refresh” workflow that includes a built in compile/reload mechanism, enabling developers to rapidly see Scala and Java code changes without downtime.

Modern web and mobile apps

Play is built for modern web and mobile apps. It’s non-blocking, RESTful by default, and has built-in asset compilers for modern client-side technologies like CoffeeScript and LESS.

Lightning fast

Asynchronous, non-blocking I/O and work sharing across threads makes parallel data fetch easy and concurrency on the real-time web possible.

Massively scalable

Play leverages modern multi-core architecture capabilities to handle massive numbers of concurrent users by default without requiring developers to utilize cumbersome multi-threaded programming techniques.

Integrates with everything

Play lets you breathe new life into your aging infrastructure. It includes integration support via a REST API, HTTP, JSON, WebSockets, Comet, EventSource and many other protocols.

Ideal for cloud

Play was designed from day one to run in a variety of environments consisting of small and ephemeral virtual machines enabling huge cost savings in web-related infrastructure.