Ensure the health and availability of your Reactive applications

Reactive applications require a new approach to monitoring that goes beyond traditional techniques. Among other things, you need to know how these distributed, asynchronous applications are designed, how their architectures change dynamically over time, what to monitor and the metrics that matter, and how to quickly troubleshoot any problems.

Lightbend Enterprise Suite’s Intelligent Monitoring features provide everything you need to monitor your Reactive applications, including comprehensive, high-quality telemetry, automated discovery and visualization, automated correlation and intelligent, machine learning-driven insights.

Taken together, these best-in-class features let you quickly, easily and continually ensure the health and availability of your Reactive applications.

Multi Service Event Correlation

and Capabilities

Gain deep visibility

Gain deep visibility with high-quality telemetry and metrics for data flows, exceptions and hot paths, including coverage for Akka, Lagom, and Scala Futures.

Discover, configure and visualize automatically

Automatically discover, configure metrics collection and visualize your Reactive application components, services and dependencies.

Optimize resource utilization

Get the most out of your infrastructure resources with tooling to understand how actors, futures and streams are performing at the dispatcher, execution context and thread pool instrumentation level.

Customize for relevance

Avoid flooding your system with unnecessary metrics. Group Akka actors by package, class, actor subtree, or record metrics for individual actor instances to track only what is relevant.

Integrate with 3rd-party tools

Easily integrate with your existing monitoring solution, without any code changes, so you can still benefit from our expert telemetry.

Configure alert thresholds

Configure threshold notifications for load-related effects, SLAs, and extraordinary events to respond early to changes that could indicate performance bottlenecks.

Intelligently troubleshoot

Take advantage of machine learning-driven anomaly detection and correlation, combined with a knowledge of failure propagation, to intelligently and quickly troubleshoot problems and issues.

Delight your users

Empower your developer, operations and DevOps teams to build and run their applications the right way, from day one, so you can provide your users with a consistently high level of service and delight them.