Lightbend Reactive Platform is an application development solution powered by an open source core and commercial Enterprise Suite for building scalable Reactive systems on the JVM.

Lightbend Reactive Platform

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Business Benefits

More reliable infrastructure

At the heart of Lightbend Reactive Platform is Akka, an actor-based message-driven runtime that provides the foundation for unprecedented resilience.

With Reactive Platform, for the first time in its history, experienced zero downtime during Black Friday and Boxing Day...

More profitable infrastructure

Because Lightbend Reactive Platform is actor-based and uses asynchronous message passing, it more densely utilizes commodity hardware compared with traditional systems bloated by locked threads. The cost savings are huge.

Moving to Reactive Platform allowed Hootsuite to shave 80% off its AWS footprint...

Massive scalability and elasticity

Lightbend Reactive Platform scales up and out effortlessly on multi-core and cloud computing architectures. It handles bursty traffic with ease, without requiring hardware over provisioning, so you can reap the benefits of elasticity.

At online gaming leader William Hill, personalized offers may only be valid for thirty seconds and must perform perfectly when traffic regularly spikes by 100x...

Higher developer productivity

Industry analyst Forrester reports a much larger proportion of the developer population finds the actor model approachable compared to writing multithreaded code within object-oriented frameworks.

By utilizing actors, developers at The Guardian focus on writing business logic instead of worrying about low-level tasks like memory locking and state or thread management...

Rapid time to value

The actor-based, asynchronous foundation of Lightbend Reactive Platform reduces dependencies between components, which enables feature teams to work autonomously and delivery continuously.

At MoneySuperMarket, engineering changes are propagating 700% faster with Lightbend Reactive Platform, positively impacting every aspect of feature creation and revenue generation...

Access to real-time insights

When Apache Spark is combined with your Reactive application, you can reimagine how data flows through your organization. As you move away from data-at-rest to a data-in-motion message-based architecture, you can slash analytical latencies from hours to seconds.

By rapidly analyzing decades of historical data, UniCredit is generating new personalized banking services that were never before possible...

Disrupt markets

Lightbend Reactive Platform accelerates time to Value. It can also unleash innovation to capture entirely new markets.

When Verizon set its sights on a the $40 billion mobile content market, the development team launched its go90 video platform in just 18 months...


Reactive Microservices:
From Prototype To Production

Three curated O’Reilly eBooks from Lightbend authors, leading you through the concepts around Reactive Microservices.


Reduce risk and accelerate learning

We are on this journey together and your success is our top priority. That’s why our subscription program provides an annual license to Lightbend Reactive Platform and includes development and production support. Our goal is to keep your project on track and your top talent engaged.

Provide direct access to experts

Unlike other vendors that barricade their experts behind layers of escalation, your team receives direct access to the creators and committers of our amazing technology.

Give advice early and often

No need to wait for a blocker to arise. Our team of experts is here to answer how-to’s and what-if’s and is excited to share best practice tips. The more advanced your team becomes, the more value they will likely find engaging with our experts

Deliver context for knowledge transfer

Rather than terse answers, our team takes the time wrap their response with detailed background context to accelerate knowledge transfer.

Assist with talent acquisition

In this market, attracting top talent is paramount for most businesses. To help you build your dream team, we post your job openings on our website and then regularly tweet or promote during webinars to amplify your reach.

Offer commercial license, warranties and indemnification

For businesses that want extra assurance, Lightbend provides a commercial license agreement in lieu of open source terms. The included comprehensive warranty and indemnification can significantly reduce risk by protecting your company against IP claims and other unforeseen liabilities.

Provide certified builds and long-term support

To simplify development and and mitigate risk in deployment we offer a certified build of validated integrations between our core projects–Lagom, Play Framework, Akka, and Scala–plus any additional components distributed in the Lightbend Reactive Platform. An extended two-year support period for older versions of our projects includes backports of fixes to ensure stability of your distributed systems.

The Lightbend partnership was the best way to ramp up the team for all the challenges.


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