"Radical Agility" with Akka, Play and Scala is the core of Zalando's development program 

Zalando, the German e-commerce giant that employs over 10,000 people and ships more than 1,500 fashion brands to customers in 15 European countries—generating $3.43 billion in revenue last year.

In this interview with Eric Bowman, VP of Engineering at Zalando, Matt Asay asks about lessons learned in modernizing a huge online business from legacy Java to a modern architecture using Reactive Platform. With over 700 engineers on his team, Eric's approach involves embracing open source software and thinking differently about architecture through a term he refers to as "Radical Agility". 

At the core of Eric's efforts is Lightbend Reactive Platform, featuring Scala, Akka, and Play Framework, which has enabled Eric's team to become far more agile and productive in development, as well as hardened production systems for resilience and elastic scalability in the face of regular 100x traffic spikes.



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