If Scala is your choice for building scalable, mission-critical systems, then you’ve come to the right place. Lightbend was co-founded by Prof. Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, and we offer technology enhancements, expert support, self-paced training, and additional services to enterprises using Scala as part of a Lightbend subscription.

Code Security

A Lightbend subscription includes the Fortify SCA for Scala plugin, developed by Lightbend and Micro Focus, which checks for over 200 known Scala code-level vulnerabilities as part of the build/compilation process in development.

Monitoring & Observability

Lightbend subscribers get access to advanced telemetry and integrations to various APM technologies for monitoring Scala applications, including various metrics for Scala Futures and instrumentation for customizing events and metrics.

Expert Support & Education

Guaranteed response times for support cases, plus direct, unlimited access to Lightbend’s Scala engineers for break-fix support, general advice, how-to's, best practices, and beta programs. Subscribers also get access to self-paced, online training with Lightbend Academy.


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The language of pragmatism

Scala is the functional and object oriented programming language that makes Lightbend Reactive and helps developers write code that’s more concise than other options, so apps are less costly to maintain and easier to evolve.

Martin Odersky, creator of the Sun javac compiler and Java 5 generics, invented Scala as a pragmatic evolution of Java. Scala is the most popular Java alternative on the JVM. Scala offers a seamless migration path, because Java libraries are easy to use from Scala, and vice versa.

Scala has taken over the world of Fast Data, which is what some are calling the next wave of computation engines that rely more on the speed of data processing rather than the size of the batch, and the ability to process event streams in real time. Several prominent examples of that movement are Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, and Akka Streams, which are rapidly gaining mainstream momentum. Many of the most admired brands around the globe are transforming their businesses with Scala through fast data applications that are changing the world.

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Features and Capabilities

More Concise And Productive

Highly productive, very concise, and data-focused with fewer runtime errors due to static typing.

Highly Expressive

Fuses object-oriented & functional; very expressive, composable and declarative.

Interoperable With Java

Runs on the JVM, seamless interoperability with Java.

Designed For The New Generation

Built for multi-core and cloud era, with significant ongoing research investment.

Supported By Industry Leaders

Growth driven by visionaries such as Apple, Coursera, IBM, Intel, Mesosphere, Databricks and others.

Creating Your Scala Team

To create a Scala team, there are two options - recruit or train. With the popularity of Scala exploding, recruiting developers with more than a year’s worth of production Scala experience can be challenging and it is generally not cost effective or possible to staff an entire Scala team using recruitment alone. A combination of targeted recruitment and a well structured onboarding including training, mentorship and support provides the strongest path to success.

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