Quick Start

Engage with Lightbend from the start to ensure you have the right architecture and the right focus to get your project heading in the right direction from the get go.

The Best Crew

Build the best team with recruiting support, enablement and education. Use the Lightbend approach to make your team the one that everyone will want to be a part of.

Work Smarter

Enable, educate and retain. Whether you’re building skills from scratch or going from good to great, Lightbend training delivers experience, knowledge and skills.

Consulting and Mentorship

Have a specific need you are looking to address with your Reactive Platform adoption and implementation? Are you seeking to liftoff your team or grow your adoption of the Reactive Platform? Perhaps a review of your architecture or a more detailed code review to address specific concerns with your design or implementation?

Consultation and mentorship with Lightbend Reactive experts offers different approaches to enable and accelerate your team’s ability to adopt the Reactive Platform with
confidence and quality.

Reactive Launch

Accelerate your adoption of Reactive Platform by connecting your domain experts with our Lightbend Reactive experts. Working shoulder to shoulder in deep and sustained collaboration, we’ll explore your use cases and enable you to rapidly and effectively define and deliver on your solution.

Reactive Launch deploys a skilled Lightbend Reactive Team to support Lightbend Subscribers for the critical initial or transitional phases of a project. Launch reduces the risk of architectural missteps, enables high performing cross-functional teams and creates a firm foundation and trajectory for team and project success.


Take advantage of Lightbend’s experience attracting Reactive developers through a coaching-led engagement. Remove impediments to adopting a modern Reactive architecture with the right talents to make your project a success.

Fine tune job descriptions to attract the right person, validate skills and deeply understand the required learning path of selected candidates. Lightbend’s proven methodology will help you to stack your team with top talent.

Architecture and Code Review

By reviewing your architecture and design with our experts, you can make smarter, faster, development decisions upfront that can save you time and reduce your risk. Our team enables your team as we pair up to review design choices, code base and future plans. When we’re done, we’ll provide you with documented recommendations and a deeper understanding of your path to a successful project.