Enablement and Education

As your business goes Reactive and streaming Fast Data applications become important, a ton of development work lies ahead. Now, more than ever, the knowledge and skills of your staff has a direct impact on the success of your business. Ensure your developers are empowered to become effective change agents with training from Lightbend.

Lightbend instructor-led training is available as an additional fee for Lightbend subscribers. It is also delivered by certified partners for the global community. Our hands-on, lab-based approach to learning keeps students at their keyboard for as much as 80% of a course and maximizes the retention of skills they'll use every day.

Lightbend certified training partners offer the Lightbend curriculum around the world both as open, public courses and directly for private clients.


Professional and Expert Training

Lightbend offers professional and expert-level training courses so that organizations and individuals can choose what’s best for them, based on their needs and requirements.

The professional courses equip developers with the knowledge they need to successfully build Reactive and streaming Fast Data applications. The expert-level courses are aimed at those that want to go achieve a true mastery of Lightbend technologies and requires several months of hands-on experience with those technologies.



Partner Created Content

Lightbend’s rich ecosystem of partners create a variety of world-class training products. As Reactive Platform and Fast Data Platform gain wider adoption, partners create knowledge and skill in a wide variety of topics. We encourage you to explore their courses.


ScalaCourses.com is dedicated to providing online courses for people to learn how to learn how to program Scala and related technology. Both instructor-led and self-study options are offered. Instructor-led courses provided via videoconferencing by ScalaCourses.com and authorized partners; selected training partners also offer on-site training. GetScala.com describes training options in detail.