Activator will be EOL-ed on May 24, 2017.

We’re making it easier and simpler for developers to get started with Lightbend technologies. This unfortunately means that future releases of Play, Akka and Scala will no longer include Activator support, and Lightbend’s Activator server will be decommissioned by the end of 2017. Instead of supporting Activator to create and set up development projects, we'll be supporting standard Giter8 templates for sbt users and Maven archetypes for Maven users. So going forward,

To create new Lightbend projects

Instead of using the Activator command, make sure you have sbt 0.13.13 (or higher), and use the “sbt new” command, providing the name of the template. For example, “$ sbt new akka/hello-akka.g8”. You can find a list of templates here.

Also, as a convenience, the Lightbend Project Starter allows you to quickly create a variety of example projects that you just unzip and run.

To create new templates

If you want to create new templates, you can now do that in Giter8.

To migrate templates from Activator to Giter8

If you created Activator templates in the past, please consider migrating them to Giter8 with this simple process.

Download Activator
JDK8+ | 671M

Or download the mini-package with no bundled dependencies (1M)

Using Activator

Activator is the Lightbend Reactive Platform's build and tutorial tool

Start Activator's UI

In your File Explorer, navigate into the directory which the zip was extracted to, then:

  • right-click on the file named "activator.bat"
  • Select "Open"
  • If prompted with a warning, click to continue

This will start the UI in your browser, from there you can:

  • Start a tutorial
  • Create a new application
  • Import an existing app

Read the complete documentation to learn more about the Activator UI.

Use Activator from the command line

Add Activator to your PATH to have the command available in your cli.

Create a new project from the command line:

 C:\Users\projects\> activator new 

Run an existing project from its directory:

 C:\Users\projects\> activator run 

Enter the interactive cli (within a project directory):

 C:\Users\projects\> activator shell 

Read the complete documentation to learn more about the Activator CLI.