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Akka Cluster Quickstart Dashboard - Part 1: Getting Started

Hugh McKee Developer Advocate, Lightbend, Inc.

How Akka Cluster Works - Project 1, Part 1/4

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Welcome to “How Akka Cluster Works”, a multi-project video series that introduces developers and architects working with Java (and Scala) to the inner workings of Akka Cluster. Project 1 is the Akka Cluster Quickstart Dashboard, and contains four parts. In Part 1: Getting Started, we introduce Akka Cluster using a sample Akka Java project that includes a web dashboard (see image above).

The dashboard visualizes a running Akka Cluster that you can use to watch the behavior of nodes in the cluster in real time, while experimenting with starting, stopping, and killing Akka Cluster nodes in order to truly see the self-healing and scalability features of Akka Cluster as you like. In Part 1, you will learn how to build and run the sample project, then discover how to run, explore, and control nodes in an active cluster.

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • An introduction to Akka Cluster
  • Installation and demo of the quickstart project
  • Demo of the included dashboard
  • Running, stopping, and killing Akka Cluster nodes

What you need to get started:

What’s next?



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