How Akka Cluster Works - Project 1, Part 2/4

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Welcome to “How Akka Cluster Works”, a multi-project video series that introduces developers and architects working with Java (and Scala) to the inner workings of Akka Cluster. Project 1 is the Akka Cluster Quickstart Dashboard, and contains four parts. In Part 1: Getting Started, we introduced Akka Cluster using a sample Akka Java project that includes a web dashboard.

In Part 2: Cluster Node Lifecycles, we dive into interacting with nodes in the cluster in real-time. Based on the same sample project, you will learn about Akka cluster node membership lifecycles–including how nodes form themselves into clusters using gossip protocols, and what happens to changes in node member states when we begin to start, stop, and down nodes.

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • A review of the lifecycle of Akka Cluster nodes
  • How do nodes form themselves into a cluster
  • How do nodes leave and join a cluster
  • What happens when nodes are “killed” or become unreachable

What you need to get started:

What’s next?

  • Coming Soon! Part 3: Project Code Review
  • Visit the Akka website for in-depth documentation:
  • Schedule a demo of Akka Cluster for your team (see below):




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