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Designing Fast Data Applications - How To Choose The Right Streaming Engine (23 Min Interview)

Examining Streaming Engine Use Cases

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In this Lightbend Fast Data Platform interview for software architects, I sit down with our VP of Fast Data Engineering, Dean Wampler, PhD., to discuss what’s going on in the rapidly evolving world of streaming engines. This conversation focuses on:

  • Why is the streaming and Fast Data ecosystem especially challenging to embrace?
  • Which best-of-breed streaming engines has Lightbend learned and analyzed deeply for inclusion in Fast Data Platform?
  • How Lightbend’s technical and domain expertise provides enterprises with an easy on-ramp to designing, building and running Fast Data applications.

Putting Names To Faces

If you'd prefer to put our names to some faces, you can also check out the video recording of the conversation!

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How To Get Started With Fast Data Platform

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