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Fast Data Revealed: 7 Lightbend Resources For Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra and Kafka Adopters

How To Get Answers Now From Data Sets That Never End

There is a lot going on in the world of Fast Data these days. Simply understanding when to implement which streaming technology can be confusing enough without searching everywhere for the goods. 

Our Fast Data team at Lightbend has helped create a lot of different services, webinars, books and reports over the last year, so we made a special "mega-pack" of 7 resources to help you get exactly what you need.

We hope this digest is useful, and if you have any questions about what Lightbend can do for your team, let's have a brief chat.

#1 - O'Reilly Book: Fast Data Architectures For Streaming Applications

Why have stream-oriented data systems become so popular, when batch-oriented systems have served big data needs for many years? In this concise O'Reilly book, Dean Wampler, Ph.D., Big Data Architect in the Office of the CTO at Lightbend, examines the rise of streaming systems for handling time-sensitive problems—like detecting fraudulent financial activity as it happens. You’ll explore the characteristics of fast data architectures, along with several open source tools for implementing them.


#2 - Lightbend Fast Data Platform - Early Access Program

The upcoming Lightbend Fast Data Platform (FDP) encapsulates the best of breed stream processing engines, Spark, Flink, and Akka Streams, with the backplane of Kafka. Based on Lightbend’s deep expertise in streaming and microservice technologies, you get the tools and knowledge you need to create Fast Data clusters and operate them efficiently and effectively. You get sample applications that show you how to implement common streaming scenarios. With our best-of-breed support, you get direct access to our expert engineers, for everything from basic questions to help debugging complex integration and performance problems.


#3 - Training: Apache Spark Workshop

Accelerate Knowledge Transfer For Developing With Spark

This two-day onsite training is designed to teach developers how to implement data analytics using Apache Spark. In this workshop, developers will use hands-on exercises to learn the principles of Spark programming and idioms for specific problems, such as event stream processing, SQL-based analysis on structured data in files, integration with Hadoop and related tools, and advanced analytics such as machine learning and graph algorithms.


#4 - Enablement Services: Fast Data Quick Start

Get A Modern Fast Data Platform Deployed By The Pros

Our Fast Data Quick Start service gets your team up and running quickly by deploying the mix of technologies that will form the backbone of your fast data driven application, leveraging Lightbend’s industry leading work in streaming fast data architectures. Take advantage of Lightbend’s experience building and designing scalable streaming data and analytics solutions to rapidly get a fast data infrastructure in place for your team to build on.


#5 - Enablement Services: Fast Data Launch

Go From Streaming Data To Business Value At Speed

Extending further than the Fast Data Quick Start, this deep and sustained 8 week engagement merges our teams together to rapidly and effectively explore, define and establish the path for strong delivery of your Fast Data architecture. As a complement to your Lightbend Subscription, Fast Data Launch will help you to achieve your data-driven outcomes faster by helping you to operationalize your streaming data applications into a platform that will support the delivery of your business goals.


#6 - Webinar: Modernizing Infrastructures for Fast Data with Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, Reactive Platform and Mesos

View on Slideshare

The Big Data industry emerged in response to the unprecedented sizes of data sets collected by Internet companies and the particular needs they had to store and use that data. Today, the need to process that data more quickly is morphing Big Data architectures into Fast Data architectures. In this session, Dr. Dean Wampler, presents the forces driving this trend and the most popular tools that have emerged to address particular design challenges


#7 - Report: Enterprise Development Trends 2016 

For the first time any application can take advantage of data not even written to disk. Machine Learning and Analytics are the initial killer apps, but the entire nature of app dev is transforming based on data use cases. In addition to covering Cloud and Containers, our survey of over 2100 JVM engineers showed a close correlation between Microservices and Fast Data adoption, as agility at the data tier is driving the need for applications that are more responsive with data-in-motion.


Bonus: Lessons Learned From Four Successful Fast Data Implementations With Lightbend

Read the stories from real-life production users of Lightbend technologies, from multi-national banks like Barclays and UniCredit, to telecommunications and online gaming leaders like Swisscom and William Hill Ltd.

To be fair, this is a lot to sink your teeth into. If you'd prefer to have a chat with someone at Lightbend, feel free to Contact Us for a 15-20 minute call about discovering the best options for accelerating your team today:



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