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Learn Reactive Architecture For Free, At Your Own Pace

Lightbend and IBM Cognitive Class Introduce Six Online Courses On Reactive Architecture

Last year, Lightbend released a three-day, instructor led training class entitled Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional. The main premise is that designing cloud-native systems and microservices requires architects and teams to think differently from the types of applications we’ve been building over the last 10-15 years. We set up the Lightbend Reactive Architecture class to teach development managers, architects, and software developers how to think about Reactive Systems, from design through to production readiness in the cloud or on-prem.

Well, the training class took off. The student reviews have been great, and demand for instructor led classes all over the world continues to grow. But there’s a limit to how many instructor led classes Lightbend can teach, and for some individuals committing to a continuous three-day class is challenging. So we started to ask ourselves:

  • How could Lightbend teach many more of the Reactive Architecture courses to meet such high demand?
  • How could we offer an individual the flexibility of when and at what pace she/he completes the course?

It turns out that Lightbend’s strategic alliance with IBM offered the ability to create a self-paced online version of the instructor led class available for free on IBM’s Cognitive Class online learning platform.

Meet The Free, Self-Paced Courses From IBM and Lightbend

Reactive Architecture: Introduction to Reactive Principles is the first of six Cognitive Class self-paced courses that will in total cover the entire three days of the instructor led Lightbend Reactive Architecture course. Breaking the instructor led class down into six shorter Cognitive Class self-paced courses means you can tackle the material:

  • In smaller chunks of time
  • With less cognitive load and learning at once
  • Whenever you want
  • For how long you want at each sitting
  • At your your own pace

Lightbend and IBM think Reactive Architecture principles and techniques are the best way to build modern, responsive cloud-native (or on prem that’s ready for eventual cloud deployed) systems. We believe in Reactive Architecture so much we want it shared and known as widely as possible. So Lightbend and IBM are making all six of the self-paced courses free.

It’s also worth mentioning that each course offers a certification document that will confirm your knowledge and help you stand out from the crowd. Here is what mine looks like:

What’s Coming Next?

We really like how Cognitive Class bundles self-paced courses into mini-study programs, called Learning Paths. The Reactive Architecture: Introduction to Reactive Principles course that’s available now is part of the Lightbend Reactive Architecture: Foundations learning path. If you check out the Foundations Learning Path, you’ll see it includes two more courses:

  • Reactive Architecture: Domain Driven Design (released Aug 2018)
  • Reactive Architecture: Reactive Microservices (released Sep 2018)

From here, three more courses represent the second Learning Path called Lightbend Reactive Architecture: Advanced. Those courses are set for Oct, Nov, and Dec 2018:

  • Reactive Architecture: Building Scalable Systems (Oct 2018)
  • Reactive Architecture: Distributed Messaging Patterns (Nov 2018)
  • Reactive Architecture: CQRS & Event Sourcing (Dec 2018)

We really hope you enjoy this learning experience. Get started in just a few minutes here:



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