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Lightbend Agrees to Acquire Consulting Firm BoldRadius

Mark Brewer President & CEO, Lightbend, Inc.

When we started the company, we set out to deliver a new platform for this modern era of multi-core and cloud computing. Now, many of the most admired brands around the globe are modernizing their businesses with our technologies. Our customers continue to make strategic, long-term decisions with Lightbend Reactive Platform, which has become the catalyst for our incredible growth.

With this momentum has come increased demand from customers—and partners—for enablement consulting services and immersive training programs to ensure their development and operations teams can master the nuances of building, running, and managing these microservice-based systems.

To help us meet these needs, I am excited to announce our plans to acquire Reactive consulting and training firm, BoldRadius Solutions, and its more than 20 employees.

The joining of our two companies is a natural fit. For years, we have been jointly delivering solutions to both industry leading and emerging companies across many business sectors. During this time, the BoldRadius team has established their reputation as a go-to consulting firm for enterprises looking to rapidly ramp development teams on Reactive technologies using Lean and Agile values and principles. Their proven approach to project success has enabled clients to deliver highly reliable, scalable software in record time.

Acquisition is an obvious tactic to expand our reach, but is only truly beneficial if the values of both sides are deeply aligned. When BoldRadius engages with a client using Lightbend Reactive Platform, they don’t simply get a result, they build a capability. With this shared value as our foundation, we look forward to enabling the success of more customers and partners on their modernization journey.



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