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Lightbend Podcast: How Agricultural IoT Helps Farmers Get Data Out Of Hard To Reach Places

Guest Speaker: Christopher Hunt Founder/CTO, Titan Class

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Today we sit down with Christopher Hunt (Twitter: @huntchr), former Lightbender and now the founder/CTO of an Australian IoT startup called Titan Class. Commissioned by Cisco Systems, Titan Class makes Farmify, a field-based digital twin IoT solution designed using Akka Streams that gathers and analyzes various sensor metrics to enable intelligent farming.

Many of us have become increasingly aware that the connected world of IoT has touched our cars, coffee machines, and lightbulbs in revolutionary ways. Our discussion focuses on some of the less-visible innovations resulting from this digital transformation found in what’s going on with Connected Agriculture and IoT––essentially, digitizing our world’s food and raw materials resulting in less waste, higher yields, and smarter planting strategies. 

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