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Lightbend Podcast: sbt 1.x – The Past, Future, and Baby Steps with Marina and Dale

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In this Lightbend podcast, we sit down with Marina Sigaeva (@BesseIFunction), a physicist, Scala engineer, and speaker of growing renown in the Scala community, and Dale Wijnand (@dwijnand), who is on Lightbend’s Tooling Team where he spends much of his day maintaining and writing about sbt.

Marina recently presented a talk called “SBT: Baby Steps”, so we asked to spend a bit of time with her and Dale discussing the latest on sbt, some of the history of this fascinating project, and see where things are heading in the future.

If you'd like to learn more about sbt, check out the Dale's recent blog post on the sbt 1.2.0 roadmap, which you can find on Lightbend Tech Hub:



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