Eugene Yokota

Scala Team
September 4, 2019

sbt 1.3.0 released

sbt 1.3.0 is available with exciting changes, including out-of-box Coursier library management, IO improvements, super shell, and "turbo" mode that enables experimental ClassLoader layering.

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Oliver White

Chief Storyteller
September 20, 2018

Making Scala Faster: 3 Expert Tips For Busy Development Teams

In this special guest webinar with Mirco Dotta, co-founder of Triplequote LLC (the creators of Hydra), we take a deeper look into what affects Scala compilation speed, why a combination of language features, external libraries, and type annotations make compilation times generally unpredictable, and what you can do to speed it up by orders of magnitude. 

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July 8, 2015

12 Tips for Enterprise Adoption of Typesafe Reactive Platform with Play, Akka, sbt, Scala and Java

In April, 2013, we published a blog post about Enterprise Scala Adoption Tips, but the time has come for an update. Not only that, we need to focus on how to help enterprise organizations adopt Scala and also the Typesafe Reactive Platform in general. Many enterprises make the decision to leverage Akka and Play Framework from the Java API, which we fully support.

As more enterprise organizations adopt Scala/Akka/Play, we find it important to help them engage the community effectively. This involves providing them with information about where they can find resources to empower their developers to learn as much about these technologies as possible, as well as to directly engage with the community on a daily basis. By following these steps, the likelihood of successfully adopting these technologies is much higher.

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February 25, 2015

Typesafe Activator 1.3.0 released: Contains new sbt server and UI

Ten months ago we posted about architectural changes to Typesafe Activator. After a few a lot of yak shaves, side projects, and detours, we have Activator 1.3.0 based on sbt server, a new setup where multiple clients can share the same instance of sbt. sbt server is also available in ABI-stable protocol-stable form for other clients (IDEs, command line, desktop status icon, whatever you can think of) to try out.

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October 7, 2014

Typesafe Activator, What *is* it? (and why should I care?)

A curious thing. At training events, hackathons and any chance I get I have started asking people what they think of Activator. There are a range of different answers, usually followed by questions once the subject has been broached.

The questions are varied, but over a large enough sample size, surprisingly consistent. It seems that Activator is a fairly misunderstood tool, and it’s not just me who noticed. This blog post will attempt to address those frequently asked questions and even if it doesn’t convince you that Activator is your new best friend, at least you might consider keeping it in your toolbox.

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Eugene Yokota

Scala Team
March 28, 2014

Preview of upcoming sbt 1.0 features: Read about the new plugins

Times are exciting for sbt. With the current push towards 1.0, it will see massive improvements to promote our core tenets of automation, interaction and integration. The two big-hitter features for 1.0 are auto plugins and "sbt as a build server."

Over the coming months, the sbt team will be releasing previews of these features against the current sbt 0.13 codebase.   We hope to elicit feedback as well as promote the new designs, ideals and features before solidifying the sbt 1.0.

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