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Lightbend Podcast: What Makes Play Framework So Fast? (19 Min)

Will Sargent Explains How Play Framework Does More With Less 


Recently, we sat down with Will Sargent, author, speaker and Senior Engineer at Lightbend, to discuss the upcoming release of Play 2.6. In that podcast, Will describes what's new in Play 2.6, such as Akka HTTP becoming the default HTTP Server (with HTTP/2 support), improved security and more.

With major enterprises such as LinkedIn, Verizon, Samsung, Weight Watchers and Norwegian Cruise Lines using Play Framework in production, we felt it would be interesting to invite Will back to our podcast program so that he could describe, at a deep technical level, what exactly makes Play Framework one of the fastest JVM web frameworks on the market–hint: asynchronous messaging, work stealing, instant code updates and more play a big part! ;-) 

We hope you enjoy this podcast, and if you want to learn more about the upcoming Play release, read the Play Framework 2.6 highlights, and follow @playframework on Twitter for the latest updates.

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