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Modernizing Applications through Microservices with Reactive Platform and DC/OS

Build and deploy microservices the modern way

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Right on the coattails of today's public announcement by Lightbend and Mesosphere, this special co-webinar with Aaron Williams and Markus Eisele discusses traditional architectures and how they are beginning to evolve very quickly to embrace microservices architecture and various cloud and hybrid-cloud deployment models.

The traditional model that enterprises run their businesses on has typically been delivered as monolithic applications running in a virtualized, on-premise infrastructure. We’ve seen how public and private cloud technologies have changed everything, but if the applications are not designed, or re-designed, appropriately, then it is impossible to take advantage of the advances in both distributed application services and hybrid infrastructure. Consequently, we will show how enterprise architects are looking to microservices architecture and technologies like Mesosphere DC/OS as a means to modernize their legacy applications.

This webinar introduces Lagom, a new framework specifically designed to help developers modernize legacy Java EE applications into systems of microservices and then discuss exactly what is required to run these distributed systems at enterprise scale with DC/OS.

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